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Tolls on the M5

The M5 South West Motorway is permitted to charge a toll for two classes of vehicles-

  • Class 2: vehicles not exceeding 2.0 metres in height and with three axles;
  • Class 2: vehicles not exceeding 2.8 metres in height and with two axles, and
  • Class 4: all vehicles that do not confirm to the aforementioned requirement.

The tolls charged are governed by simple formula in the Deed between the RTA and Interlink Roads Pty Limited.

This Deed stipulates that Interlink cannot increase tolls other than to keep abreast of the Consumer Price Index. Furthermore, for the convenience of customers, tolls can only be increased in 50c increments. If the inflation rate was the same year by year, the tolls actually charged would be lower than the CPI adjusted theoretical toll for half the time and higher for the other half.

The GST is included in the toll charges.

The toll is collected at the main toll plaza at Hammondville and at the east facing on and off-ramps located at Fairford Road, the River Road and Henry Lawson Drive. The toll plazas are monitored from a central control room at the Hammondville toll plaza housing a sophisticated video, data and communications system.

Tolls on the M5 South West Motorway are as follows:

Toll Charges on the M5 South West Motorway
Class 2 Vehicles
Class 4 Vehicles
Main Toll Plaza and Ramps

Do you really need a receipt?

Asking for a receipt slows traffic and causes congestion during peaks. You do not need a receipt. There are simpler ways.

GST legislation only requires a receipt for supplies costing more than $55. For tax purposes a diary or log entry of the toll paid is sufficient and no receipt is needed.

If your employer requires a receipt as a record of toll payment, please provide this information to your accountant.
The M5 South West Motorway provides fully itemised statements to its account customers, covering all tollroads in Sydney, saving considerable time and cost in reconciliation of expenses.

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